The pioneers in sailing vessels built a towering nation.

It took wings of death to rain down tears of passion.

Exploring a new chapter of my life upon a third continent.

Like pilgrims before I carried in my bag dreamy sentiments.

In reality life never unfolds like a Disneyís fairytale fantasy.

Moments when itís more like a horror show tragedy.

Maybe not the land of the brave and free of the founding fathers.

But here at last I felt at home with a calling that will honor my mother.


Had to find myself a new apartment and a new car in a new land.

Needed a US license otherwise getting an auto was ban.

Glumly trudge my way into the driver center to book a test.

Expecting like England to wait weeks which would put me in a mess.

When asked to pick my own appointment date I sarcastically stated immediately.

Was astounded when requested payment to start the test promptly.

This was my first gratifying immersion in the capitalist life of an American.

With a positive new attitude that money can buy you anything I was an instant fan.


The nightmares of my past failed tests came back to haunt me.

Making me more nervous was driving the opposite side to what it used to be.

Examiner noted I went off the road and didnít halt at a stop junction.

The most shocking experience was actually getting a pass certification.


Tucson had possibly the worst combinations of highway commuters.

Lax testing to allow control of fast moving metal machines to beginners.

Alien smugglers from the nearby border driving in banged up vehicles.

Retirees coming for their winter retreats known as Snowbirds to the locals.

And young University of Arizona students that drove like clowns.

Not surprising road accidents were a common sight in this western town.


I picked myself an old ugly yellow clunker of a car from an even shabbier dealer.

Two thousand dollars for a Subaru station wagon that drove like a tanker.

At least I wasnít afraid to play bumper cars with the rest of the lousy drivers.

In cowboy country the real danger were the road-rage pistol-packing gunners.

Back then gasoline was a dollar a gallon.

Cheaper than bottled water from the fountain.

Periodically the gears disengage and transmission was disabled.

Had to go under the hood to hand tighten the clutch cable.

Kept contemplating to take my junk to a scrap dealerís pound.

But like an aging companion dog I didnít have the heart to put it down.


Was told to avoid apartments to the west due to the early morning Sun.

Driving into the full glare of our bright star was definitely no fun.

South are the civilian and military airports and little else but nature.

Mountain ridges of the Catalina Foothills mark the northern border.

So I picked a rental furnished place to the east side of downtown.

With home and ride settled I could finally focus on my work now.


The Swartzís had brought me on board to teach them the secrets of superconductivity.

Eric had a brilliant mind, but ran his fatherís company incompetently.

Taught him to build a magnet the traditional method with an aluminum mandrel.

But was overridden and told to save costs and use glued on plastic handles.

When the high-field superconducting magnet blew up on energizing.

The damaged good was dumped on my table for a miracle fixing.

Although Research and Manufacturing were in their corporate name.

They seem to treat it more as an inventorís club for seeking fame.


It didnít take me long to realize Iíd got myself in with bad employers.

Not just because of my personal opinion, but the dubious financial numbers.

Worst I discovered them telling the community it was because of my failure.

Years later Eric had the decency to apologize for treating my reputation like manure.

I was surprised by his admission and seeking for forgiveness.

Turned out he was dying of cancer and wanted solace from tarnish business.


My American sister had applied for immigration rights for our entire family.

It took only a couple of years for our mother to get her legal entry.

Siblings had lower priority and processing would take many more years.

Too long for me to wait since the stability of my job I feared.

I was on an employment visa that tied me in with the company.

And my corporate boss refused to sponsor for my permanent residency.


Exercise is a good channel to vent work-related stress.

So I took up sporting activities in the midst of my status mess.

Soccer and kung-fu was where I tried out my physical might.

Instead of my colleagues I used competitors to fight.


The indoor soccer arena was my first experience of a coed tournament.

In one game I grabbed an inappropriate bodily part on a female opponent.

Luckily she took no offense and even smiled at my attacking action.

Iíd to readjust my gentlemanís game for the ladies in motion.

I formed my own team from my fellow workers.

Even got Eric and his wife to become players.

When an ex-marine showed photos of kittens savaged by his pitbulls.

It was left to me to throw him off our companyís team for being so cruel.

He wasnít fired from his job as a psychological sicko.

Carrying a 45 Magnum into work perhaps deflated his scared bossí gusto.


In martial arts there is no hiding place for cowards.

A true warrior always fights moving forward.

Sifu Fong was the Wing Chun master I followed under the western Sun.

He was trained alongside Bruce Lee by grand-master Yip Man.

I found the soft flowing forms to be difficult in practicing.

Counter to the hard style of Jiu-Jitsu Iíd so many years in training.

Bruce Lee said one should master all styles to be a great fighter.

So taking my heroís advice I also studied Taekwondo, Kickboxing and others.


My mother would stay several months with me in Tucson.

Sharing parental time with Cher in England and Pete in Hong Kong.

Regularly took her to flea markets to hunt for bargains.

Even a twenty-five cents cup she would barter for lower price gains.

Money had no value to me other than how fast I could spend it.

Each paycheck I would at least load my mum with a fair bit.

I introduced her to my colleague Yi-Hua Tang and his family.

She also became close with Mei Kuenhold whom she met in a grocery.


Martin lived in the adjacent state of California.

Five hundred miles apart which Americans consider near.

In England a fifty miles drive is a major excursion.

There is such a huge mental difference in perceptions.

It is the reverse when historical times are referenced.

Yankee history extending beyond a century is ancient.

Europeans talk about centuries as if it was yesterday.

And for Asians only millenniums are considered a long way.


Andrew Kirwan was the first visiting friend from back home.

Visitorís tours included the cowboy town of Tombstone.

Cross the Mexican border south into Nogales.

A place that was dull and featureless.

When Dave and Mary Morrison visited we had much more fun.

Ended up in Las Vegas the gambling city in the desert sun.


Life in America was not all about playing and partying.

Working to pay the bills with a bad company was depressing.

Applied for a residence permit to allow me to move freely.

Had to pay the immigration attorney with my own money.

Went down the riskier channel as an Outstanding Researcher.

A fast track way to get my Green Card than as a regular worker.

Filled in the application forms and even the companyís sponsored letter.

Had Dave Swartz sign the paperwork when his mood was better.


Almost ended up joining the US military.

Browsing the recruitment centers I was invited in by the navy.

Curiosity got the better of me and I took the tests for cadet evaluating.

Passed with flying colors and told to get ready for boot camp training.

They couldnít find a pay scale for a graduate with a doctorate degree.

Naval HQ also confirmed never encountering such a high academic entry.

I would have joined if they granted me immediate citizenship.

Was told as a foreigner I would not be allowed to serve on nuclear ships.

Comical scenario of a nuclear physicist sweeping decks on a destroyer.

And the fact Iím prone to seasick I decided sensibly to decline their offer.


Company was starting to lay off workers and I sensed my turn was coming.

Even though I was a salaried employee my wage checks were fluctuating.

To stay in the country my application had to come through now or never.

What was supposed to take three months seemed to drag on forever.

Half a year from submission I finally got called in for an interview.

On the day my attorney was nervous, but I was of stronger will.

My session was videotaped by the immigration officer at the interrogation helm.

A few minutes of my technological bullshit and he was already overwhelmed.


The day I got my first pink slip, Eric was acting very nicely as a boss.

Pulled me to one side to tell me what a talented hardworking guy I was.

Even though I had prepared myself it was still bitter to hear you are fired.

But I was professional enough to respond with my own fake words to inspire.

A motherís love and support at such low times are immeasurable.

Especially when she backs the emotional comfort by placing money on the table.

She had save thousands that I had given her from my wages.

Though it collected no interests it was far more than what I deposited with the bankers.


Same week I became unemployed a most welcomed package came in the mail.

My permanent residence was finally approved and I no longer felt I had failed.

This was perhaps the first time that I sensed being spiritually blessed.

Looked after by a guardian angel at moments when my life was in a mess.


Pleasant events were happening so looking for a new job was not of urgency.

I took up acting classes in front of the camera with Fosiís Talent Agency.

My big moment came with an audition call for a Star Trek movie.

Iíd Martin sent overnight an old pair of his contact lenses so I could look groovy.

Got the role of a Federation engineer on board the spaceship.

Spent three days filming with the fictitious characters that I worship.

Most memorable incidence was not in front of the camera.

Flicking switches too quickly got me a slap from the director.

Off the set Jonathan Frakes privately apologize for his whack.

I would have been happy even if heíd hit me with a bat.


The premier of my Trekkie motion picture film First Contact was 1996.

Made a worldwide announcement of my own to friends and relatives.

My brotherís pals in Hong Kong spotted me in the film when it matter.

Could have been family resemblance or that I was the only Chinese actor.

On the shooting sets theyíd jokingly teased me as the grandson of Sulu.

The Asian pilot for Captain Kirkís first generation Enterprise that he flew.


Following a Wing Chun class I met a local Tucsonian named Matt.

Demonstrated in the backyard his sword fighting skills with a wooden bat.

Hired me to join his company he started with his friends David, Rich and Andy.

Rising Technologies produced a Spanish to English language software CD.

It was my first position dedicated purely to marketing and sales.

Though I learned more about playing darts then commercial deals.


One day a stranger called to be let into our office aisle.

Interrupted my practice session aiming for the bullseye.

Interrogated me with many searching questions.

Identified himself as an agent of the FBI after the session.

Apparently an informant had accused me of being a Chinese spy.

Maybe it was my bad dart skills that convinced him the story was a lie.


Iíd rented a room in the house of my colleague David Dent.

Shared with two Dalmatians that followed him wherever he went.

Development on the software product was going slow.

Not surprising when the financial budget was so low.

The main investors were Mattís separated parents.

Board meetings were argumentative and an irritant.

This time it was dart and wrestling to vent my physical aggression.

I grappled with David and Andy for bragging rights domination.

Rich was the artistic soul with the finesse on the dart board.

Cricket was my favorite game where I would try to point hoard.


To supplement my income I consulted for a local entrepreneur named John Hess.

A holocaust survivor from a tragic history when humanity was a satanic pest.

He tinkered with cryocoolers to operate at low cryogenic temperatures.

I designed for him susceptibility coils to determine magnetic structures.

My finances were running lower than my morale.

Yet I was too inept to seek a way out from my mental corral.


In my darkest moments, the cosmos provides a shining light.

Terry Nixon a former colleague knew of my plight.

Like me he had lost his job and resettled in New Hampshire.

Gave a glowing reference to his new employer who then sought me out to hire.

This was my introduction to George Svenconis owner of Cryo Industries of America.

It was time for me to move east, in opposite migration to the original pioneers.


My time spent in Tucson was short with moments of bitter and sweet.

But it gave me the opportunity to migrate to the US which was a real treat.

Except for work the overall experience was enlightening.

The Hollywood stereotype of Yanks was misleading.

I found my native companions to be surprisingly friendly.

Not the scary brash loud-mouthed opinionated baddies.

The rest of the world seems to hate and mistrust Americans.

Yet like me they wanted to come and savor the conditions.

Like all superpowers it does stoke up fear and jealousy.

Until you face the reality that we are one global family.


On the way eastward I flew into Pennsylvania to stay with my sister.

To drive the rest of the way to New Hampshire I lent their Ford Explorer.

It was night when I reached my final destination in Salem.

Not the infamous witch-hunting town in Massachusetts that hung them.

This was the namesake place across the northern state border.

Live free or die was the motto of these independent New Englanders.


First day at work I was introduced by George to his family run company.

Son George junior was the design engineer with mum running the deliveries.

His daughter handled the office and payroll administration.

Terry who got me the job managed the backroom production.

At first I feared this would be another disastrously operated dynasty.

But I was pleasantly surprised by their cooperative working efficiency.


I was an instant hit with the Svenconis with my hardworking ethics and talent.

Most workdays I would outlast my boss so he could go home to be a good parent.

One night it almost cost me my life as I worked alone industriously.

A policeman entered our opened rear door with drawn pistol suspecting a burglary.

His gun followed my dark shadow as I moved across his line of sight.

Luckily he shouted instead of shooting otherwise it could have been a deadly plight.

Had to calm down the emotional officer before I went to get him a soda.

His anxiety came from knowing he was a finger pull away from a bloody disaster.


Dave, Martin and I went to visit my brother in Hong Kong.

To witness China reclaiming territory that it had lost for so long.

Most of the rich inhabitants had escaped to other former British colonies.

Australia and Canada benefited most from the influx of foreign monies.

The fear of Communistic oppression and social changes did not materialize.

Smart governance was to keep the status quo and let things stabilize.


This was of a time when I started to feel proud of my Chinese heritage.

Throughout my teenage years I had no Asian friends of my own age.

Known as a banana because I was white inside with yellow skin.

Even took Mandarin lessons to try and chat to my ancestral kin.

But found the tonal language very difficult to comprehend.

Ma can be pronounced to mean mother, horse, scold or hemp.

And the written vocabulary is even more bewildering.

There are thousands of characters that need memorizing.

At least I am fortunate to be eloquent in a language that is most diverse.

English is the universal tongue used predominantly in science and commerce.


Joined dart and pool teams at my local bar in Derry.

Slept on the floor in a studio waiting for a larger unit vacancy.

What was supposed to be temporary turned into two year occupancy.

Rent was cheap so I put up without the comfort and niceties.

When mother was not visiting and feeding me I would eat out.

Nearby Chinese place was where I got most of my takeout.

We became close family friends with the Liu who operated the eatery.

They commuted daily across the Stateline from south of Boston in Quincy.


New England territories have many ski resorts for active fun in the cold.

Out west in the high Rockies you plough through feet of powdered snow.

On the east coast its inches of manmade crystals that you have to skate over.

Occasionally Canadian artic storms would blanket the region in white cover.

Took Martin and my brother to a ski vacation in the Italian Alps.

First lesson for Pete was pushing him off the summit without help.

My training philosophy in life is one based on swim or drown.

Only the brave and dedicated prosper and none of the weaker clowns.


Thirteenth October Nineteen Ninety Eight was a landmark date.

The day at the Argonne National Laboratory that transformed my fate.

Began writing a novel as I sat through a quiet exhibition.

Leo and the Wolfcat emerged from this fantasy science fiction.

KLYSTAR would be the ultimate culmination of this published epic.

A journey of discovery with godly ramification that is truly cosmic.


A rival company Janis came headhunting for my skills.

Leaving for Georgeís former employer would have been a bitter pill.

So he was eager to increase my pay when I told him of the approach.

But it didnít keep the hunting recruiters from trying to poach.

Finally I succumbed to the tempting lures dangled in front of me.

Agreed to join Everson Electric located in the Lehigh Valley.


Unlike the last two career moves this was a relative short ride.

From New Hampshire to Pennsylvania was a four hours drive.

Packed my worldly possessions into the motor.

What I couldnít take went into the dumpster.


Bethlehem was my new home and job promotion up the rank.

Namesake to the biblical city on Palestineís West Bank.

Vice President was my fancy new title to go with the higher salary.

As with all imaginary ego trips it quickly deflates with incoming reality.

In charge was David Everson who took over a third generation business.

This was to be another collapsing corporate empire that I was to witness.


Building and repairing locomotive engines was the companyís main targets.

Progress to winding and impregnating coils for resistive magnets.

They wanted to tap my expertise in cryogenics and superconductors.

Turn a heavy industry into a precision instrument manufacturer.

Achieve this goal with a patented cryogen-free superconducting invention.

Additional duties included setting up a network for international distribution.


Adam Stadtmuller returned to influence my life that would be dynamic.

A former colleague during my first employment at Cryogenics.

The fact our paths reunite at this critical juncture is truly eerie.

After our corporate demise he got a new job headquartered in Erie.

Eriez and Everson were already established business partners.

So both our new employers would once more bring us together.


Eriez contacted Everson for their next-generation magnetic separators.

Knowing of my technical experience they wanted us to be their maker.

Adam visited our facility and we talked professionally on the design.

The worldís largest bore cryogen-free superconducting magnet at that time.

To increase the complexity the coil needed to be wound from niobium-tin wire.

An expensive and brittle material that needed processing in a high-temperature fire.


With Adamís cooperation I came up with a revolutionary new concept.

Based around my patented invention but with even more innovative aspects.

Titanium was selected as the mandrel to wind on the superconductor.

The finished coilís large size made it difficult to load into the furnace reactor.

Disastrous warping happened as we increased the high temperature.

We managed to salvage a coil but it operated with lower magnetic signature.


Though the collaborative business project was not a total success.

Adam and I became good friends again so the reunion was not a complete mess.

And his biggest impact on my life achievement was set into motion.

For now we once more went our separate ways unaware of our final connection.


The script of my sci-fi novel was aimlessly meandering.

I decided to kill off the story in an apocalyptic ending.

It was midnight and a thunderous storm was brewing.

So focus was I on the termination that I ignore the lightning.

To describe Armageddon I needed to put a scene of hell on my laptop.

But four different hellish depictions that I wanted to upload would not.

Two normal astronomical photos popped up without interference.

It was then I knew the universe refused my death sentence.


The morning after I emailed the nightly incident to all my contacts.

Most would have considered my sanity was no longer intact.

But my spirit was as bright as the clear morning sky.

Knowing the heavens would not allow my creation to die.


Neighbor across the hallway was an elderly lady.

Told me of her famous Hollywood son who I thought was a maybe.

Turned out he really did exist when she became gravely ill.

Tod Volpe showed up to sort out her motherís testament and will.

I was the last to see her in the hospice the night she passed.

Following day a shadowy presence visited for a final task.

Her son had fallen on hard times after imprisonment.

From his rich and famous clients he was accused of embezzlement.

I tried to help by buying his artworks and hiring him as a writer.

There were times I felt my generosity was being tested as a giver.


Financial crisis brought down another family operated dynasty.

Everson was sold off to Tesla Engineering as a subsidiary.

Three colleagues started up their own business ventures.

Following their examples I headed into an uncertain future.


Ricor in collaboration with Bar Ilan University was my first important client.

Spent a week on their En Harod Ihud kibbutz as a technical consultant.

The community farmed and fabricated stainless steel kitchen ware.

A business offshoot was miniature coolers they fabricated with great precision care.

They wanted the knowhow to build high-temperature superconducting magnets.

I developed a unique pancake stacking coils design that they wanted to patent.


Second consulting client came from a recruiting agency Aerotek.

Joined Edax as it was transforming to a buyout by Ametek.

What was supposed to be temporary turned into a full-time employment.

Also found myself a new apartment share in Brooklyn Heights settlement.

Long daily commute to work between New Jersey and New York.

Spent quarter of an entire day on trains shuttling back and forth.


Nine-Eleven will forever be scorched into Americaís history.

When a band of fanatical terrorists rained down human butchery.

I was taking a shower when I heard my sisterís maid screaming.

We all considered it an accident on seeing the first skyscraper smoking.

The truth dawned when the plane flew into the second World Trade Center Tower.

News on the Pentagon strike and air-crash further impact on this disaster.


Room-mate Louisa escaped the mayhem across Brooklyn Bridge.

But not for many thousands who perished of innocence and courage.

Recrimination and discrimination spread throughout America.

Worst was to come with wars driven by vengeance and phobia.