Ancient civilizations predicted an end is near.

Future kind evolved to higher states will appear.

Natural selection is a brutal evolutionary arms race.

Where the strong victimize the weak to forward their genetic case.

Laws were formulated to control our biological longings.

Still in times of crisis we revert back to raping and pillaging.

To prosper humanity must climb the next evolutionary branch.

A godly species linking new life onto the taxonomic rank.


2012 marks end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.

Coincides with the winter solstice falling on 21st December.

In the prophetic wake of the Chinese year of the Dragon.

Unexpected happenings will follow this beast from heaven.

12-21-12 most powerful symbolism is related to its opposing dual nature.

Twin Universes leads to a scientific proof of GOD that will truly inspire.


Sean John was seeking solace from a family drama.

Took him and others out west to Sedona.

Stayed at the Zen House managed by Larry Rosenberg.

There were Mike and Kitty who represented the established church.

Isabella Green a beautiful Russian with spiritual vibes.

And best friend Martin who will forever be by my side.


Through a late winter storm we drove to visit the Hopi Indians.

They foretell a changing future like their Mayan cousins.

Ruben Saufkie from the Second Mesa was our guide to Prophecy Rock.

Inscribed on a monolith are dual paths for humanity’s fated clocks.

One shows excess indulgences ticking to a rapid extinction.

Alternative passive way of life will lead to a longer existence.


Each was handed a feather for the closing ceremony.

Fate cast a shadow that will always be in our memories.

For upon that summit stood four who showcase the entire human race.

Martin placed his feather North to represent with his White face.

Sean of Black heritage laid his eagle’s quill facing South.

Our Red Indian host pointed West with sacred corn in his mouth.

As the Yellow man from the East I completed the compass.

But the real miracle was yet to be unveiled by the cosmic forces.


Focused my camera on the four feathers laid in front of the stone of fortune.

A gush of wind would direct where our paths would be destined.

Though we set down our individual feathers pointing out in all directions.

Heaven intervened to group our plumes towards the same orientation.

So the photograph I captured showed the human race must go in unity.

Parallel to the chosen paths on Prophecy Rock that came from the Almighty.


Before sunrise we climbed up to Cathedral Rock to view the coming Spring equinox.

With opened arms we greeted the first rays breaking over the summit rocks.

Our spiritual experiences would have a lasting legacy upon us.

Isabella decided moving permanently to Sedona was a must.


Next marathon beasts’ saga was with Leo the Lion in South Africa.

Once more my faithful two-legged companion was Martin to run an ultra.

It has been over a decade since we were last on the Dark Continent.

Scaling Kilimanjaro the world’s highest free-standing mountain.


In Cape Town with Table Mountain as a beautiful background scenic.

Leo battles rain and hills as he crosses ocean waves from Indian to Atlantic.

5K international fun run on Good Friday alongside the Waterfront’s tourist queues.

Rain gods blessed to cool the 56K ultra-marathon though it clouds the iconic views.


I missed my eldest niece wedding because it clashed with the 2-Oceans marathon.

So when my next niece-in-line wedded her dream man it was double the fun.

The occasion reunited our family to long-missed relatives from Singapore.

We all have blossoms into richness from seeds laid in soils so poor.


The vestige of Fukushima continued to hang in the air like an exploding atomic mushroom cloud.

Compounding the global fears was Iran’s nuclear research that Israel threatens to attack aloud.

For my profession this was the silver lining that raised our commercial image.

Shareholders who I was one accepted a buyout by Thermo Fisher Scientific.


With money in the bank and a new global sales position working out of my home office.

I invested in African Cape parrots named after a couple I connected acting as Cupid.

Kino and Mayu were feathered companions in my new SkyClub apartment.

The place owned by my brother who quit his Hong Kong corporate employment.

Pete decided to tour the world before returning to New York.

Our paths would cross in an upcoming marathon in an Aussie port.


Competing in an Ironman triathlon is the ultimate physical sporting endurance.

Entered with untrained trepidation New York’s inaugural US Championship tournament.

Swam 2.4 miles along Hudson River towards George Washington Bridge.

Followed by 112 miles bike along Palisades Interstate Parkway rolling ridges.

Finished with a 26.2 miles marathon that was more walking than run.

Only at the end could I savor the triumphant accomplishment with fun.


My prophetic dreams had returned which had me in awe.

Perhaps I was proving myself worthy of innocence once more.

A nightly vision showed me a 6-4 set for Murray over Federer in a tennis match winner takes all.

Days before the Scotsman won Olympic gold at Wimbledon over his rival with that exact final score.

Before my Ironman I’d a premonition of a time with 15 and 6 on the clock.

And as predicted I crossed the finish in 15 hours 53 minutes and 6 seconds on the dot.

I so wanted to tell others before the events of my visionary messages.

But recalled how I lost this godly gift as a greedy child seeking advantages.


My life continued to prosper even though I was surrounded by chaos.

Civil wars in the Middle East infested their citizens with deathly pathos.

Global economic stagnation threatened social unrest and even revolutions.

And smart gadgets had overtaken religion for people’s obsessive devotions.

Even as I write this history of my life journey that has come full circle.

The story reflects humanity’s next great cycle for eternal survival.


The words to follow are not of the past but the present and future.

Guided by a GOD who many abuse to commit wanton terror.

Where knowledge is my bible and truths are my commandments.

Do not do what I do, but do what I preach will be my gifting testament.


As a Westerner I have always considered democracy as our greatest virtue.

And communism as the evil empire that kept their citizens under curfew.

Yet comparing the world’s two largest populace cast doubts on such propaganda.

Each government will only present one-sided facts for its own agenda.

With a quarter of the planet’s humans living under China’s single-party rule.

Its Asian neighbor and rival India with over a billion potential voters pool.

Both have similar geography and demography.

Sharing much of its spiritual culture and history.


China has by far out-competed all its main competitors.

Even in profiting from capitalism it has surpassed the Westerners.

And the old adage that it’s governing system breeds corruption.

Sounds hypocritical when Wall Street bankers can cause a global recession.


Instead of judging the superficial glossed over surface.

Better to search within for the truthful message.

My fellow Brits complain about the weather conditions.

As do my fellow Yanks about our politicians.

This is the true worth of democracy.

The carefree opportunity to whine freely.

But in principle a communistic state could allow for such freedom.

By overcoming fears that dissensions will lead to a revolution.


Poverty and starvation are the predominant causes for social uprisings.

When people have full stomachs and toys to play there is no desire for rebelling.

Though money cannot buy happiness it can at least provide for contentment.

The system that generates prosperity for its citizens is therefore the best governance.


Before the Unions powerful owners abused their employees.

Child labor and slavish conditions used to maintain low salaries.

With the rise of the united workers came reverse exploitation.

Restrictive work practices made for uncompetitive production.

Ultimately power is the worst form of corruption.

Whether from an individual or a collective union.

The same can be said of almost all human activities.

Unrestrained greed will overcome our empathies.


Magna Carta was the great chapter of medieval English liberties

The Constitution the supreme law of United States democracy.

Giving free people innate legal rights from abuse.

And restricting excessive power from a tyrant to misuse.


Hence for righteous living there must be abiding fundamentals.

Principles defining explicit core values that must be adhered by all.

Unambiguous and logical that even an artificial intelligence can govern.

Those that maliciously stray must be punished with loss of their freedom.


First edict thou must obey all decrees hence set forth.

No deviations or arguments will be permitted no matter the cause.

The logic is to unequivocally define what is right from wrong.

So your chosen paths clearly lay with petals or prongs.


Second edict thou must accept a Single Omnipotent Consciousness that of GOD.

Worship nothing or only one Supreme Being above all others in the religious path trod.

Speak no evil upon GOD nor take actions against those praying in the divine light.

All can give sermon but none can give curse in GOD’s name even in plight.


Third edict thou must not end the life of another innocent soul.

Defend against harmful intent but seek no vengeance and let justice flow.

Slay without cruelty only what is essential to maintain one’s sustenance.

Cherish all life and live to fulfill goodness in your own existence.


Fourth edict thou must not steal other’s possessions.

Neither their property, family nor their creations.

Earn your values through your own inspiration and efforts.

Gifts taken should be repaid to others with kindness and comfort.


Fifth edict thou must not take advantage of the weak.

Be they young, old, sickly or meek.

Use your strength to build admiration.

And your courage to defy oppression.


Sixth edict thou must respect other’s distinctions.

Lead by example and not by coercion.

Diversity is the rainbow of life.

Evolution the colorful spice.


Seventh edict thou must not bear falsehood.

Gains by untruths are unholy loot.

Present yourself with rightful facts.

And fear not any attacks.


Eighth edict thou must not needlessly destroy.

All benevolent creations should be preserved to be enjoyed.

Do not vanquish what you dislike.

If it causes you no harm then take a hike.


Ninth edict thou must not conquer fruitful lands.

If the natural inhabitants are opposed with their stand.

Take virgin grounds or desert plots for needed incursion.

Improve the worth of the land to justify the expansion.


Tenth edict thou must seek knowledge for evolution.

Wisdom is to eternal creation what ignorance is to rapid extinction.

Govern by intellect should be the final decree.

Be conscious of humanity’s delicate tree.


Laws of thermodynamics govern all sciences.

Energy is critical to drive our technological advances.

On the Greek island of Kos I was an invited presenter.

Giving lecture on Santilli’s Hadronic nuclear fusion reactor.

Reconnected with familiar scientists and mathematicians.

Including Peter Rowlands a fellow academic Liverpudian.


Santilli’s Isodual theory predicts four time-dependent particle creations.

Akin to virtual vacuum fermions in Rowland’s Nilpotent predictions.

Nicely complimenting my own four matter states in twin universe existence.

Science is not merely heading towards a renaissance but a revolution.


Perhaps more profound is Erik Trell’s biological implications.

That numeric geometries are building blocks of life’s foundations.

The same fundamental shapes can also explain cosmic features.

Everything is interconnected even between rocks and creatures.


The conference was a major success highlighting Santilli’s teachings.

From theoretical concepts to production prototypes and even commercial dealings.

Informed Ruggero and Peter I would ride on their scientific greatest.

On my own mission to experimentally prove existence of GOD to the masses.


Toured mainland Greece with the Vougiouklis family.

Panoramic view of Mount Olympus the home of ancient deities.

Visited tomb of Phillip II father of Alexander the Great located in Vergina.

And guided in the port city of Thessaloniki by beautiful Eleni and Souzana.


Just as the East builds its cultural history upon Chinese foundation.

So the Greeks can be considered the founders of Western civilization.

Philosophers such as Aristotle developed disciplined principles and logical thinking.

From literature, medicine, politics and science that continue to impact our way of living.


The World is not enough for me.

This was told to me on my journey.

It so resonates with who I am.

And what it is I demand.


In a future utopia where laws are not needed.

Humanity governed by logic and godly edicts.

Evolution sustained by limitless energy pace.

Population expanding into endless outer space.


Labor is exercise and work is thinking.

Collective knowledge for higher evolving.

Tapping into the parallel reservoir of anti-matter.

Where GOD resides as our ultimate instructor.


The more we know the more we will need to discover.

It is the inner search where we are to be a destined explorer.

Turning chaos into order needs to reverse entropy.

Our godly twin universe will provide for the negative energy.


As we evolve to greater levels of awareness.

We come closer to the Single Omnipotent Consciousness.

The emotional pain of lost will become a thing of the past.

As unions of love in our combined universes will forever last.


Long into the future where human forms no longer exists.

Will come a time when the division to GOD cedes to persist.

Our divine consciousness can then birth its own cosmic being.

And the eternal cycle of universal life will once more begin.


East and West will transition to new leaders with opposing ideology.

Communism and Democracy jostling for global supremacy.

Hu Jintao replaced by National People’s Congress as Chairman.

Barack Hussein Obama to contest for second term as President.


My life is like a repeating fractal of the cosmic world.

With China and US battling for my devoted soul.

Even in the 2012 London Olympics I had divided loyalty

On neutral English soil that once supported my family.


Perhaps it is Britain that holds the ideal solution.

Roots for both the democratic system and the trade union.

Here the inventors of the industrial revolution started capitalism.

And workers collectively demanding equal rights under socialism.


Even in politics there is a uniquely quaint British sentiment.

Parliament consists of two chambers of the government.

House of Commons seated by democratically elected members.

House of Lords akin to communistic appointed upper class fellows.


I greatly benefited from the free health care and education.

And in return my family worked hard to pay back society through taxation.

A utopia system where citizens can be strong of body and mind.

Carefree to contemplate on what is truly spiritually divine.

But life is never so simple when humans are involved.

Not until a higher benevolent logical species has evolved.


As the civil war in Syria rains stray bombs onto Turkey.

The UK Met Office reports the wettest summer in a century.

Humanity is staging a two-front battle against itself and nature.

The outcome of both will only lead to a grim future.


Yet it is after mass extinctions that evolution flourishes anew.

At the end of the Permian era the numbers of survivors were few.

Dinosaurs became the dominant species for the next hundred million years.

Until a colliding asteroid ended their colossal reign of fear.

Mammals took over the ecological leadership.

And at the apex came Homo Sapiens to take the controlling whip.


The major difference is we are now in a technological age.

Where brains have superseded brawns as the dominant gauge.

To evolve to a higher state means radical new minds.

So the next mass extinction can be intellectually confined.


With smart logic we can peacefully avoid irrational wars.

And correctly assess our greedy impact before the climate falls.

Losing the battle for our inner souls will suck us into a hellish void.

For the demons within can be more destructive than any bombarding asteroid.


An independent panel finally uncovered the truth on the Hillsborough disaster.

When ninety-six Liverpool football fans died during a FA Cup semi-final fixture.

For twenty-three years the fans were blamed by falsified police testimonies.

The Prime Minister apologizes on behalf of the nation to the city and grieving families.


I’d dreamt my beloved team would win their nineteenth league title.

With their worst start for a century and a new manager it would be a miracle.

Perhaps my faith and loyalty is being put through a test of fire.

To prove whether I am indeed a trusted prophet or a stupid liar.

If my heart is so easily sway by results of a sporting battle.

Then I am too weak a champion to fight for a holy struggle.


Maybe my weaknesses are really my greatest strength.

For I rebuke others that insist my self-image is immense.

They claim EGO stands for Edging GOD Out.

But I insist it is Ensuring GOD’s Obedience that I tout.


A man tells Buddha “I Want Happiness” so the story goes.

Buddha said first remove “I” for that’s your ego.

Then remove “Want” for that’s your desire.

Now you are only left with “Happiness” to admire.


And these few words reflect the paradox of my conflicting life.

I do not want happiness, yet it seems from my adventures to be rife.

My true desire is total gratification that I am to be proven right.

But if I don’t listen to my own wise words then I will surely lose the fight.


The hard lessons in life that I’ve learnt I put down in these words.

So others who read and understand can avoid going wayward.

The more righteous I am the more fun and productive I’ve become.

To be good of mind, body and soul is to be truly wholesome.


My mind is molded by studied education.

From intellectual masters such as Einstein and Newton.

Giving me the scientific tools to explain my Twin Universe.

As well as the foundation to succeed in commerce.


My body I put through physical tests.

Yet I am naturally lazy in training I do confess.

Having good friends to workout is a blessing.

And racing in exotic places is motivating.


My soul has been the most difficult to enlighten.

Having a purpose at least gives direction to one’s passion.

But there are no exams or medals to gauge your success.

Be resolute in faith and always try your virtuous best.


Essence of existence comes in three flavors that govern the cosmic destiny.

Be it the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the Trinity.

Or the number of quarks that makes up the fundamental baryonic particles.

Even our own timeline consists of three phases that are discernible.


Past is captured in our mind as educated memories.

Present is where our body exercise for life’s rudimentary.

Future is the direction our soul takes us on the path to our final union.

Be in Heaven or on Earth we are interconnected by triple unification.


In KLYSTAR even Leo’s loving companions appear as three primary colorful maidens.

Tracy of watery sapphire blue eyes symbolize the hero’s past with loyalty that could not be shaken.

Neanna with pupils of earthy emerald green is synonymous with his present adventurous seeking character.

Suling’s fiery ruby red stare seek out a future beyond physical or mental bounds that all can master.


We even talk to our computers using a three digit binary system.

Two is the fundamental base that all numbers are sequence.

One represents a bit of information which the electronic circuit turns on.

Zero is the reverse off position with the electrons gone.


Two is also the base for the existence of Twin Universes.

Solutions to square root give a positive value and its negative inverse.

Hence the ultimate cosmic solution must have foundation in dualism.

Be it mental, physical or spiritual the nature of pairs is realism.


One is defined as the Single Omnipotent Consciousness.

GOD being the primary supercomputer of the universe.

The only natural value that retains its unique constancy.

Try to divide or multiple GOD and you still get total unity.


Zero is representative of the unbreakable force of our godly nature.

Try to divide this value and you will achieve infinite failure.

Nothing is also the sum of Twin Universes when all quantities are reversed.

Obeying the Universal Laws of Thermodynamics that everything is conserved.


Pi is a mathematical constant for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

It is also the secret code that contains within all the answers to nature.

The two diametric halves represent the opposing sides of our Twin Universe.

A single diameter is the one GOD that governs Heaven and Earth.

All is circumferentially enclosed by an infinite zeroing force.

The cyclic rhythm of our existence is set by this numbering course.


If life does indeed follow art, then my fictitious character Leo is leading me.

And as such unnatural storms chase us both no matter where we flee.

Century-only hurricanes to strike in consecutive years are indeed freaky.

Irene was followed by Sandy that left devastation in my home state of New Jersey.

Maybe the symptoms of global warming and nature’s dissatisfaction.

Or worst a cosmic warning and humanity’s godly dissolution.


Yet even in the eye of a hurricane is a peaceful lull.

Stay within the center of the beast and we will not be cull.

Stray away from the heart and we will suffer stormy assaults.

An unforgiving flood can lead to deadly results.


My friend James Peck death coinciding with the onslaught of Sandy was tragic.

A mathematical genius who coded algorithm to benefit operational logistics.

He was also a true believer of my Twin Universe from the beginning.

Unlike pretenders who get converted based on one’s fame and mass followings.

It is right and proper to question what you do not understand.

But wrong to make judgments when an ignorant woman or man.


I shot a sequence of images of the damaging floods in Hoboken.

BBC posted my pictures and videos along with an interview by webcam.

Contaminated waters lingered for several days and power lost even longer.

Though the lands suffered greatly it was a fast track for the majority to recover.

In large part because emergency planning and response was well executed.

By the Government serving its People was why it succeeded.


A sad aftermath of the storm was the cancellation of New York marathon.

The race survived the terrorist attacks on 9/11 but not the damaging cyclone.

The problem was not logistics or safely but the objections of some sufferers.

They wanted their grieve shared amongst the international field of runners.


Recalling when the doctor told me of my father’s terminal illness I was sad.

Seeing the physician enjoying life in the corridor with nurses made me mad.

I then realize that our personal anguish should be suffered alone.

Expecting a stranger to care about one’s pains is not a way to atone.

Receive blessings and comfort from others is desirable.

But do not demand rest of society to be equally miserable.


Lack of fuel and electricity was the main shortage.

Too many vehicles and corroded transformers caused outrage.

Centralized mass shelters and road transit are needed for a far worst disaster.

We can adapt efficient commercial supply chain logistics to provide the answer.

In a crisis situation collective survival outweighs selfish requirements.

Nourishing and transporting en masse is more effective management.


In times of chaos you get to know who your true supporters are.

Who will stand loyally with and who will scramble away far.

It’s easy to be generous in giving to those you lust in times of plenty.

True tests come when your neighbors seek aid when conditions are nasty.

Matt McClelland came from afar to volunteer for cleanup duties.

Whereas a nearby acquaintance didn’t care to invite us to their dinner party.

The natural beastly instincts are to be a selfish taker.

To be closer to GOD one must evolve into a generous giver.


I was requested at work to give a roadmap for a nuclear future.

Another twisted paradox of my life that I am not a true believer.

It is not the technology I fear but the beasts that uses it.

Planning a strategy for when the atomic bombs tick.

I comfort myself that my business is on passive detection.

And not development of active release of deadly radiation.


Yet the assaulting storms have demonstrated nature is even more powerful.

Consequence of a catastrophic climate change makes humanity’s survival doubtful.

With a blade we can kill a man and a nuclear bomb can finish off millions.

Comparatively insignificant when global warming can devastate billions.


Around a hundred US lives did hurricane Sandy take.

Multiple by a thousand for those killed in 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

Double up for human losses in 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

And the 1931 China flood swept away over a million to join the Almighty.

Still these are all relatively localized small scale disasters in comparison.

A prolong worldwide collapse would be of true biblical proportions.


Over two billion dollars was spent on the US elections.

Ended with no change in President and congressional selections.

A democracy where votes are effectively paid for with money.

And negative attacks on opponents are endorsed as good policy.


I reluctantly voted because it felt like it was my duty.

For the first time ever I contemplated selecting a right-wing party.

Inside the voting booth I went with my usual liberal party line.

But felt no joy in going with the winning candidate this time.


Politics like religion must change for the better.

Otherwise people’s disillusions will turn them bitter.

But changes tend to occur only after disastrous failures.

Or the coming of a Messiah to lead us to greener pastures.


China selected Xi Jinping as their new leader for a decade.

So East and West Superpowers have bosses to debate.

Politics are polarized in opposite directions.

Economics bind them to self-serving cooperation.


On Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas we viewed a Total Solar Eclipse.

Kylie the Kangaroo with Ying family watching the Lunar dip.

Breaking Sun signaled the start of a marathon extravaganza.

With the treacherous Bump Track an uphill brutal meander.


Completed the Seven-Continents marathon mission.

Began with New York for the North American portion.

Europe was accomplished in London with the fastest time to boast.

Raced across Rapi Nui along headed moai off the South American coast.

Penny the Penguin was the first of the accompanying Marathon Beasts in Antarctica.

The Great Wall was perhaps the toughest challenge to tick off Asia.

Africa achieved with the Two-Ocean ultra-marathon in Cape Town.

Solar Eclipse for Oceania completed the continental crown.


Rode upon a caravan of camels to view the sunrise over the sacred Ayers Rock.

Uluru in the aboriginal’s tongue that is told of the creation stories to their flock.

From prehistory to modern life we continued our adventures onwards to Sydney.

Climbed atop Harbour Bridge the largest single-span arched gateway for vehicular journeys.


The end of one journey is marked by the beginning of another.

But life can only flourish if the cyclic changes are major.

And that time of change is now upon me and the rest of humanity.

The course we choose will define our lasting legacy.


In the Beginning there was innocent emptiness.

Learning to grow order from expanding chaotic wildness.

GOD is the ultimate singularity of conscious order.

Logic is our cold defining path to controlling power.

Love is the hot passion to drive our evolutionary creations.

In the End to survive we must thrive to a godly reunion.


Is this to be My End or My Beginning?

Is this to be Our Start or Our Finishing?

The Answers are already known throughout space and time.

It is the Questions that we must correctly ask to find.