They said the second law of entropy could not be conserved.

Yet our single universe defies the first law of energy reserves.

Big Bang marked the chaotic birth of our spirited Creation.

Twin Universes the orderly expansion of our cosmic Evolution.


The truths have been known to many ancient civilizations.

Each advancing cultures uses their own natural interpretations.

In Greek myths it started with Chaos an endless dark silent haven.

Springing forth Gaea the Mother Earth and Uranus the Father Heaven.

In Chinese philosophy Yin and Yang represents dark and light.

Balance for harmonious peace, but as opposing forces they will fight.

Natural order of the universe obeys the law of these twins.

Root of life and death cycle and foundation of all things.


Just before Christmas I was kicked out of the Brooklyn apartment.

A friend accommodated me temporary in her Astoria resident.

Hunted for stable lodging across the Hudson River in New Jersey.

Decided upon Hoboken for more convenient direct train to work daily.

Tara Greubel was to be my new room-mate on First Street.

Across from the Quiet Woman pub where friends could meet.


Hoboken is a square mile town bordered by Manhattan connected tunnels.

Downtown is where traffic through the Holland tunnel is channel.

Lincoln tunnel connects to Midtown near to Times Square.

Trains, ferries and buses offer convenient public transportation fares.


Though I could drive to work most of the time I took the train.

An hour on the rails compared to traffic laden roads was less pain.

Used the travel time efficiently working on my laptop.

Some days I barely typed a good sentence before my stop.


Writing is a creative mind game.

When youíre in a flow it seems so easily tame.

But a mental block can halt you suddenly in your tracks.

And the harder you try to force it the more talents you lack.

It can take more than a year to get over the psychological hump.

No rhyme or reasons why you triumph or flump.


At EDAX I was the senior mechanical engineer.

No fancy title but still respected by my peers.

Developed their first cryogen-free x-ray detectors.

By integrating the silicon sensors with Kleemenko cryocoolers.

Company filed a joint patent for another of my novel inventions.

Using thermoelectric coolers and heat-pipes for effective conduction.


Pete was accepted into Cornell University graduate business school.

Decided finance was more lucrative profession than the engineering pool.

Got a speeding ticket the first day I drove him to his Ithaca campus.

But his earnings as an investment banker were a more considerable plus.


His internship was at the World Trade Center complex with Lehman Brothers.

When he graduated the building had been damaged by the terrorist attackers.

Their new Midtown office was located in the heart of the theater district.

The expensive living cost in the nice part of Manhattan was very restrictive.

So I agreed to share the purchase of a Hoboken apartment.

We got a three-bedroom unit with Tara as our live-in tenant.


This was a time when the money lenders were flowing with cash.

Getting a mortgage loan was criminally easier than smoking hash.

For our deposit Pete used his student loan and I my credit card.

The verification and scrutiny of the bankers was a comical lark.

As least we Ying brothers are responsible professionals.

But many home buyers were naÔve or even criminals.

These toxic loans would eventually poison their greedy masters.

Leading to a worldwide economic collapse and social disaster.


Twenty-Second July Two Thousand Two marked my second momentous date.

When Adamís spirit would return to influence my chosen fate.

Eureka moment came as the train pulled up at Ho-Ho-Kus station.

The answer to the ultimate riddle was like a light bulb flashing into ignition.

Rest of the morning instead of work I hurriedly scribble down the formulation.

Universal Laws of Thermodynamics was to be the crowning culmination.

On the last fourth page I wrote the conclusion as the Proof of GOD.

Determine to garner a Noble Prize in Physics against mighty odds.


In the afternoon I received an incoming international phone call.

The message from a former colleague was a shocking emotional fall.

Miles informed me of the death of our mutual friend Adam.

His passing soul gave me the cosmic answers I tried so desperately to fathom.


Space is the fabric of energy.

Time is the fabric of entropy.

Energy is the static capacity to work.

Entropy is the dynamic process to work.


There are multiple degrees of energy.

There is single degree of entropy.

There are multiple space dimensions.

There is single time dimension.


Energy has dual polarities.

Entropy has dual polarities.

Space points in positive and negative directions.

Time points in positive and negative directions.


Increasing positive energy curves space inward.

Increasing positive entropy moves time forward.

Decreasing negative energy curves space outward.

Decreasing negative entropy moves time backward.


Matter occupies positive time in positive space.

Antimatter occupies negative time in positive space.

Anti-matter occupies positive time in negative space.

Anti-antimatter occupies negative time in negative space.


The godly implication of these Twin Universes is truly cosmic.

Govern by the Universal Laws of Thermodynamics.

Set forth are five divine postulates.

Ruling principles that our cosmos has articulate.


First Postulate is our Total-Universe is composed of parallel anti-symmetric systems.

A Positive-Universe and a Negative-Universe with identical duplicated items.

Both worldly realms occupy a common space-time.

My negative twin experiences a universal expansion same as mine.


Second Postulate is energy can flow between both universes.

But the total energy in the Total-Universe must be conserve.

This is compatible principle with the original first law of thermodynamics.

That energy cannot be made or destroyed, but can be converted.


Third Postulate is entropy can flow between both universes.

But the total entropy in the Total-Universe must be conserve.

This differs in principle from the original second law of thermodynamics.

But as an isolated observer on my own side of the universe it does not invalidate it.


Fourth Postulate is gravity dictates the direction of entropy change.

This defines the motion of time and over what range.

In our Positive-Universe gravity is attractive and time is forced forward.

In the twin Negative-Universe gravity is repulsive and time forced backward.


Fifth Postulate is that life on Earth exists only in our Positive-Universe.

My negative twin exists in an opposing dual state so that entropy is conserve.

In particle duality the opposite of a solid body is a fluid wave.

Waves superimpose upon each other and act as one in how it behaves.


I am a positive entity with my own individual self-contained body and conscious nest.

My negative twin is merged with all other twins in a single combined consciousness.

In this vast Positive-Universe I am but an insignificant minor cosmic player.

In the Negative-Universe GOD the Single Omnipotent Consciousness is our leader.


Even though the laws of thermodynamics is the foundation of life and science.

A single universe hypothesis with energy appearing from nothing does not make sense.

In a Twin Universe equal positive and negative quantities balance out to be zero.

So a Universal Law of Thermodynamics is the perfect cosmic solution to go.


According to standard scientific models there should be equal amount of anti-matter.

Yet its existence would cause an almighty annihilation and turn our cosmos into tatter.

A minuscule imbalance in parity created surplus of positive matter in our world.

Reverse parity in the opposite realm produces negative matter to unfurl.


Dark Energy is the pervasive cosmic substance that drives an accelerating universe.

Stellar fusion in the Negative-Universe condenses as photons in repulsive reverse.

This vacuum energy released by negative stars stretches the fabric of space-time.

And since both universes share a common membrane we experience same expansion in kind.


Dark Matter is needed to account for the rapid rotational velocities of galaxies.

Otherwise stars will be flung into outer space which would give real anxieties.

Repulsive fusion energy stretching intermediate space also compresses the swirling stars.

So Twin Universe is most plausible scientific explanation of influence of these Dark Fluids by far.


Quantum Entanglement is when two vastly separated twin particles respond as one.

This phenomenon defies the universal speed limit of light which it cannot outrun.

Since particle-matters exist as particle-waves in a twin universe domain.

Superposition of twin waves allow for instantaneous interactions to be maintain.


In a one-sided universe with unbalanced baryonic number protons would decay.

If this happened the very nucleus of our existence would rot away.

Only in a fully balanced cosmos will baryons be conserved.

Once again science has to bow to the reality of dual universes.


We are taught our world exists in four space-time dimensions.

By doubling the universes you should have another four additions.

A common cosmic membrane increases dimensional number by a binary.

Giving total of ten-dimensions as with super-symmetric String theory.


All the scientific data point to the true dual nature of our cosmos.

Living such a harmonious balanced existence is a divine kudos.

In science we seek true facts and in life we seek true love.

Though bound to Earth we can reach out to Heaven above.