The fiery beast once hid behind a Great Wall.

With commerce it now soars dominantly over all.

Africa is considered the birthplace of homo sapiens.

Asia the cradle of human civilization.

Europe mastered the industrial revolution.

America has present-day superpower domination.

But once more China is able to flex its imperious might.

Bolstered by economic expansion and political control that is tight.


With completion of KLYSTAR it was time to seek out a publisher.

Sent the manuscript to agents and distributors of literature.

Before a vacation to China I decided to call a book publication.

Randomly picked out Tate Publishing a Christian-based organization.

Spoke to Richard Tate the founder and chairman of the board.

Found out the previous month we both ran the marathon in New York.

Richard had another common link as an English language teacher in China.

Before returning home to start his own publication house in Oklahoma.


Circulation of my published novel was released in 2007.

When I received the first royalty check it felt like heaven.

I could now add professional author into my curriculum vitae.

Even if there was no hope of retirement from the revenue I was paid.


Not since the Liverpool days did our mother share a home with her two sons.

But the scourge of cancer destroyed the comfort of our reunion.

On her death bed I claimed GOD had promised her continued life.

She could sense my pact was the Devilís deceitful strife.


We took our cremated motherís ashes back home to Singapore.

Lay her to rest at Tse Toh Aum Temple with blessings of Buddhistís calls.

On the last day of worship a bird fluttered down beside me with gaping beaks.

As I reached out she flew into the ceremonial offerings to mark a spiritual peak.

Our motherís soul was carried on angelic wings to a godly heaven.

I pray for redemption my fated path will take me to a motherly union.


In our motherís urn we placed soil from our fatherís English burial site.

Though his remains are in Allerton cemetery their spirits reunite.

We also visited and burnt blessed offerings to our grandmother Pang Ang.

Her tomb located at the Singaporean Chinese cemetery of Lim Chu Kang.


My outer physical journey of life has taken me around the globe.

Covering the surface of our planet from head to toe.

My inner spiritual journey of discovery has also come full circle.

From a dream child, bigoted atheist to a preaching vehicle.


Even in my professional occupations the journey was returning to its roots.

Once more a nuclear scientist on Princeton Gamma-Tech Instruments books.

Even the company president was a graduate of Liverpool where my career begins.

So no matter which direction I headed out I was fated to return to its origins.


There was a one-year job excursion when I joined Barzel Industries.

A corporation with a radical business philosophy that was revolutionary.

Domenico Lepore was the head wizard at the steering wheel.

Of a heavy industry selling metal alloys and steel.


Decalogue was Domenicoís approach to apply scientific logic to commerce.

An incredible methodology that I could relate to and eagerly immerse.

The Conflict Clouds was a powerful tool to tackle problems and develop solutions.

I even applied it to root out the rationale for a godly existence.


Best laid plans of mice and men can still fall to destruction.

Economic bubble burst in 2009 that brought a global recession.

Lucky for me I was able to go back to work at Princeton.

Peteís bankrupt company Lehman Brothers was brought by Barclayís consortium.


Denise Hui was to become my brotherís chosen partner.

A beautiful virtue worthy of loving capture.

But nature shows it can be equally cruel as hell.

Infesting her with leukemia to make her unwell.


Pete proposed beside Deniseís hospital bed at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

I was chosen to be my brotherís Best Man at their wedding.

Bone marrow transplant was her only survival path to getting well.

No matching donor was found so they used umbilical cord stem cells.


Christmas Eve of Two Thousand Nine was to be a defining moment of discovery.

In the peaceful presence of a recuperating Denise I solved a major cosmic mystery.

To date my Twin Universe concept had no experimental supporting evidence.

Until I developed mathematical calculations that gave my theories proven credence.


By New Year Eve I had prepared the scientific manuscript for public submission.

Title was nuclear fusion drives present-day accelerated cosmic expansion.

In festive mood I registered to present my newfound results at an international conference.

Gathering was experts in Cosmology, the Quantum Vacuum and Zeta Functions.


Early in the new year I traveled on business to Saudi Arabia.

There I got the dreaded call from my brother who was in hysteria.

The loving life of Denise was taken away from him.

My journey home was listening to the funeral hymns.


In Bethlehem the universe had prevented me killing off my KLYSTAR story.

Then came Adamís passing when I got the answers to my Twin Universe theory.

And culmination to my godly discovery was to be Deniseís ultimate testimony.

Until my last breath I fight to win recognition for our sacrifices in a global ceremony.


To respect our motherís memories we visited her ancestral home in China.

A farming village of Lim on Dongshan Island in the Fujian provincial area.

High-speed trains and skyscrapers reflect the nationís evolving future.

Oxcarts and ancient temples symbolize its historic culture.


On way home we visited our uncle and his family in Shanghai.

A Chinese coastal city with a long history of western cultural ties.

Along with Beijing and Hong Kong the richest of Chinaís metropolis.

Revisiting fatherís heritage in nearby Ningbo was added to our to-do list.


I attended my first science workshop motivated by Deniseís passing.

Events at the conference would have a major impact that would be lasting.

Held at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona over several days.

In celebration of the famed mathematician Emilio Elizaldeís sixtieth birthday.


On the first day it snowed in Barcelona which most of the locals had never experienced.

As in my novel KLYSTAR the hero character Leo is followed by strange weather conditions.

On the last day I was to be the last speaker to present my Twin Universe proposition.

To my encouraging surprise it was well received by the intelligent audience with no dissension.


Perhaps the greatest legacy of this Spanish gathering was encountering Ruggero Santilli.

His brilliance on par with Einstein and Newton the greatest of science majesties.

Fate further took a hand to connect us together.

Testing his invention with our radiation identifier.

Invited by him and his wife Carla to visit them in Florida.

Where I would be a consultant for their enterprising venture.


Wrote, produced and directed my first theatrical performance.

Based on my poetry of life, love and remembrance.

Jim Su and Shameely Azanedo were my star performers.

Opening night was at Times Square Art Center.


As part of the visual display Arnaldo Ugarte crafted the sculptures.

A woman on a crucifix was the controversial centerpiece fixture.

Repeated our performance at the Spur Tree Lounge in the East Village.

Picking a date on the owner Sean Johnís birthday was like magic.


If the saying is true that there is no rest for the wicked.

Then approaching end of 2010 I was evil incarnated.

Two more science conferences, two weddings and a historic marathon.

There were two journeys to Greece the mythical home of the Titans.


Deniseís cousin Carol Ng united with Wing Cheung in wedded harmony.

My brother Pete acted as their minister for their blessed ceremony.

From the Hong Kong wedding I flew on to Rhodes for a mathematic gathering.

A speaker on my Twin Universe theories where Ruggero was also presenting.


Ichun Lai and Michael Kitsis was the union of a Chinese and a Jew.

A loving example that transcend any differences in racial or religious pews.

Like my brother and cousin-in-law the wedded couples met through online dating.

The virtual world of the Internet has become the electronic Cupid for matchmaking.


A commemorative race was to celebrate the battle of Marathon 2500 year anniversary.

Where the Greeks defeated the Persians and gave birth to democracy.

Along with a group of friends we followed the original route towards Athens.

Entering the 1896 Olympic stadium was a race finish that could not be beaten.


Summit of the world was an appropriate end to a momentous year to recall.

In the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains I attended a workshop in Nepal.

Terry Stanley accompanied me at the event coordinated by Kathmandu University.

The prime organizer was Ruggero and his scientific committee.


Towards the South Pole was to be one of my most memorable vacations.

Shared a cabin with Ray Schwartz and his wife Bethe on the seafaring excursion.

Accompanying Bethe was a stuffed penguin that landed with us on King Georgeís Island.

Here I ran a marathon videotaping my adventures on an uninhabited continent.


On a cold wintry morning in 2011.

Where the rains pelted down from the heavens.

A lone penguin stood alongside the human packs.

For a race across icy hills and muddy tracks.

Penny was her name, though she may in fact be male.

But such was the fellowship that none did wail.

And why should there be when all were winners.

For the merry band of Antarctic marathoners.


On returning from my polar adventures a devastating earthquake struck Japan.

The ensuing tsunami destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plants.

Alongside Chernobyl the worst nuclear disasters with widespread contamination.

At a time the world wanted to solve their energy crisis with fission.

If there are indeed silver linings to every storm clouds.

My radiation detector company profited from the radioactive fallouts.


My original goal was to complete a marathon on all seven major continents.

Furry critters would now accompany me on this global accomplishment.

Penny the Penguin on Antarctica was the first of the Marathon Beasts.

Each animal would be synonymous with the land upon which they feast.


Before my next beastly conquest of another continent to face.

I endured the glorious suffering of back-to-back marathon races.

Through our capital city I pounded the 26.2 miles in a decent time.

Followed next day by a marathon along the scenic Atlantic shoreline.


Was in a show hosted by John Bredin at the bookstore Symposia.

Public Voice Salon was televised on local cable network media.

There I met a colorful character Gigi Olivieri and her daughter Heidi.

Self-proclaimed sinner who found salvation through Christianity.


Gigi reminded me of another saved soul in Kitty Ragin.

The spirit of Christ blew away the evils before she could be taken.

And bonded by love her husband Mike followed Kitty to redemption.

A former drug dealer to Richard Pryor the world famous comedian.


Kirstin and Chris were my connections to Mike and Kitty.

Fellow Globonders introduced by Tod Volpe.

Before Facebook brought true social networking to an end.

Instead of meeting real people you now connect to virtual friends.


Next marathon beastly adventure was to be in China.

Pete the Panda would represent the continent of Asia.

My namesake brother was to tackle half the distance.

Along the historic wall I scaled with sweaty persistence.


In 2011 on the Yin and Yang Square.

They came east and west for the marathon fair.

There was a brother and a panda named Pete.

To scale with Leong the Great Wall or be beat.


The circumstances allowed me to mix business with pleasure.

Asia was in panic over the Japanese nuclear disaster.

After the marathon I toured the region giving safety lectures.

Took the opportunity to promote my companyís radiation detectors.

Both my personal and commercial lives are drawn inexplicably towards China.

To supply their demanding economy they invested heavily into nuclear.


I expanded the business scopes on my continuing trips to China.

From selling products to seeking an investor partner.

Our goals were technology transfers for cash and commercial exposure.

My promotions did eventually spark a corporate takeover.


In Nepal Iíd met the Vougioukli family from Greece.

With singing sisters that could charm Ares the God of War into peace.

They came to stay with me for an exploratory US visit.

Their beauty and talents got them several proposal of marriage.


Atop Mount Olympus they listened to their daughters.

Angelic goddesses serenading forgotten worshippers.

Eleni so fair and sweet of sonic voice.

Souzana plucking magical tones with elegant poise.


The wedding of Todd Allievi and Kexin Li was exaggeratedly memorable.

Hurricane Irene threatened to turn their special day into a debacle.

A last minute change of venue allowed the ceremony to continue.

As the minister who gave the vows I avoided further misfortune.


Scientifically proving the existence of GOD is merely the beginning.

Starting a new religion based on faith and proof would be defining.

Knowledge would be my bible and truths my commandments.

Places of worship would also serve as educational establishments.


In the Republic of San Marino I gave a presentation on Anti-Antimatter.

From the duality of space-time will spring forth four particle vectors.

Normal matter can be interpreted as positive space moving forward in time.

Antimatter in the same positive universe is equivalent to a reverse time line.

Hence when matter and antimatter annihilates they produce double the energy mass quanta.

But since their net time will cancel out to zero the original particles will exist no longer.

And in the reverse negative spaced universe is the presence of an identical pair of twins.

So anti-antimatter can be considered as negative space moving backwards in a time spin.


Science relies on quantifying with our five physical senses that are observable.

To expel tricks and errors all measurements must be reproducible.

Faith relies on the quality of our inner spiritual intuitions.

The Devil can play wicked games with your sensitive emotions.

A rigorous proof with unwavering faith combines for the perfect argument.

Your mind and soul reunified to trumpet the only truthful testament.

GOD not only wants to be worship, but wants to be seen to be worship.

So that the Devilís tricks will be exposed for all to demolish.


In science we seek true facts, cold and calculating.

In life we seek true love, warm and endearing.

But they are merely two sides of the fabric of existence.

Unbalanced souls look upon only one surface for veneration.

Love on its own cannot provide for physical exploration.

And neither can facts alone satisfy our spiritual sustenance.


On a memorable bright day in Berlin when records were broken freely.

Makauís world was followed by bests from Kwabena, Kino and Healy.

Bernie the Bear and his international entourage running brave and tall.

Through the streets of a city once divided east and west by a great wall.


Men wear suspenders and shorts in Bavaria.

Also famous for Oktoberfest a festive beer mania.

Busty frauleins serving out liters of beer mugs under canvas tents.

Thousands of drunks with amazingly no brawling fights to contend.


Completed our marathon tours through Salzburg and Vienna.

Birthplace of perhaps historyís most notorious character Hitler.

Though his Nazi empire did not last a thousand years.

His murderous legacy will forever be sustained by millions of tears.


For North America marathon there were two qualifying Beasts.

In size they spanned the extremes from largest to least.

Monty saluted the Stars and Stripes and Maple Leaf on crossing the border.

While Rudy accompanied Superheroes across New Yorkís five boroughs.


Across two nations sharing a common history of English.

Monty the Moose trots from Buffalo to Niagara for a marathon finish.

A tired soul cheered by thunderous roars of the mighty Falls.

With a magical rainbow mist at the end was the perfect call.


From the legacy of Fred Lebow, the worldís greatest marathon did flower.

In a city once full of tears, rebuilding with a new Freedom Tower.

Crowds cheered Rudy the Rat as he scurried across five boroughs on tiny feet.

With a league of real superheroes protecting the liberty of even protesters on Wall Street.


If 2010 was a devilish madhouse culmination.

2011 concluded like a saintly monastic vocation.

China was my end of year destination.

Dual role of business and family vacation.