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CHAPTER 1: In The Beginning (1961-1968)
Too young to sense even my own age, it could have been two.
Stood in front of the mirror, contemplating walking through.

CHAPTER 2: How Education Killed The Spirit (1968-1993)
Betting on a grey to win the National as a dream child psychic.
But the straw that killed the camel came from learning physics.

CHAPTER 3: Heading West To Phantom Riches (1993-2002)
The pioneers in sailing vessels built a towering nation.
It took wings of death to rain down tears of passion.

Mother and Son

Father and Daughter
CHAPTER 4: GOD Points To Twin Universes (2002-2007)
They said the second law of entropy could not be conserved.
Yet our single universe defies the first law of energy reserves.

CHAPTER 5: Rise Of The Dragon (2007-2012)
The fiery beast once hid behind a Great Wall.
With commerce it now soars dominantly over all.

CHAPTER 6: In The End (2012)
Ancient civilizations predicted an end is near.
Future kind evolved to higher states will appear.

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